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Thanks to the colored design lines that outline the painting fields, the children can recognize the whole picture CreArt PBN Sonic Prime and the colors more quickly. The brush is easy to control and a perfect picture can be created little by little. The beautiful pictures for coloring are a great gift idea for children from 7 years of age and a nice decoration for the child's room. In this painting set are already 13 ready mixed acrylic paints included. With Painting by Numbers from Ravensburger, children learn to carefully color areas, improve their painting talent and develop fine motor skills. At the end there is joy, pride and a sense of achievement that awakens the desire to continue painting. The designs are age-appropriate and come in three difficulty levels: from simple pictures with just a few large painting areas to pictures with many small painting areas for advanced students. Each painting set contains everything artists need to paint and there is no need to mix colors. The Ravensburger Painting by Numbers program offers a wide range of motifs for children and adults.

Sonic creart

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